Travel Tips & Advice for the Fly 40+ Woman

Travel Tips & Advice for the Fly 40+ Woman

Hi I’m Anne Marie aka BaldGirlWillTravel

 I waved goodbye to my high six-figure job, hopped off the hamster wheel of the American Rat Race, and made the leap abroad back in 2021. Now, I’m indulging my passion for travel while juggling roles as an HR consultant and part-time travel advisor.

With over 35 countries under my belt and counting, I’ve explored six continents and counting. My mission? To arm you with all the info and motivation you need to prioritize travel as self-care, whether you’re flying solo or with companions. And remember, age is just a number – you can absolutely make it happen!

My focus? Encouraging women over 40, particularly Black women, to dive headfirst into the world of travel!

Grab your packing guide for The Woman who is Team Carry-On and wants to travel !

Do you want to avoid waiting at baggage claim, or risking losing your bags during multi-city or multi-country travel? Check out my Fly 40+ Solo Travel Packing List for Team Carry-on! You can be Fly and Travel Light. This packing list will tell you how and what to take. 
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    Providing Travel Guidance and Advice to Women Over 40 Who



    About Me

    My goal is to give you as much information and inspiration as possible so that you will pursue travel as self-care whether solo or with others and realize no matter your age, you can DO it!

    I want Women over 40, especially Black Women, to embrace travel!


    Travel Tips & Resources

    I empower Black Women over 40 to prioritize self-care through travel, fostering a mindset that enables them to fully embrace and live their best lives today.


    Travel With Me

    The time to live your best Authentic, UnApologetic, and Free life is right now! The time to take that solo trip is right now and yes you can afford to do it, and yes, you can do it safely. I will show you how to solo travel bougie but on a budget, safely, and comfortably and I will share resources for finding the best and right coach to help you level up your life and say YES to your happiness every day. Subscribe to our private Facebook Group for tips and info on scheduling your first or next Fly 40+ Solo Trip.


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