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Solo Travel Tips & Advice for the Fly 40+ Woman

Solo Travel Tips & Advice for the Fly 40+ Woman

Hi I’m Anne Marie aka BaldGirlWillTravel

I help Black Women in [tin_location] especially those 40 and over, embrace the joy of Solo Travel as Self-Care and I encourage ALL Black women to seek and develop the mindset necessary to pursue their best lives.

Providing Travel Guidance and Advice to Women in [tin_location] Over 40 Who



About Me

I have traveled to over 35 countries and counting and have touched ground on 6 continents. My goal is to give you as much information and inspiration as possible so that you will pursue solo travel as self-care too and realize no matter your age, you can DO it!

I want Women over 40, especially Black Women living in [tin_location], to embrace solo travel!

Solo Travel Tips & Resources

I help Black Women over 40 embrace solo travel as self-care and I encourage Black Women to do the work necessary on themselves to develop the mindset that will give them permission to live their best lives right now.

Travel With Me

The time to live your best Authentic, UnApologetic, and Free life is right now! The time to take that solo trip is right now and yes you can afford to do it, and yes, you can do it safely. I will show you how to solo travel bougie but on a budget, safely, and comfortably and I will share resources for finding the best and right coach to help you level up your life and say YES to your happiness every day.