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I help Women over 40 embrace solo travel as self-care and I especially encourage Black Women to do the work necessary on themselves to develop the mindset that will give them permission to live their best lives right now

My entire life changed when I decided my life needed a rehaul!
I worked with a Coach to plan and execute the radical redesign of my life.
I moved abroad and launched a location-independent life where I solo travel as much as I want while running a successful HR consulting practice.

I started my BaldGirlWillTravel website to encourage more women, especially Black Women, over 40 to stop waiting and dreaming of travel. If you want to travel, stop waiting for your friends, partner, spouse and/or family members and do it NOW.
Follow me here to get tips, guides and travel itineraries specifically designed for Women over 40 who love or aspire to solo travel.

Speaking Engagements and Interviews

I love talking about:

Why solo travel is the best self-care there is; and
How solo travel and my relocation abroad opened the door to living my best Authentic, Unapologetic and Free life

Contact Me to speak to your group or audience about why Black people and specifically Black Women should consider the radical redesign of their lives through regular intentional solo travel and how solo travel and relocation abroad changed my life for the better.

I’m available for:
Podcast interviews
YouTube interviews